Upper caste reservation: Representation of higher castes in Central Govt. likely to increase

Hyderabad: NDA Govt led by Mr. Modi has announced to provide 10% reservation to poor persons belonging to higher castes. This will further increase their representation. Modi Govt. amended the constitution to gain political mileage in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections.

Depressed classes were exerting pressure on Central Govt. from time to time for enhancing their representation but the Central Govt. suppressed the demand quoting the observations made by the Supreme Court,

Recently, Govt. of TS had sent the resolution passed by State Assembly for providing 12% and 10% reservations to minorities and STs respectively but the Central Govt. did not act upon it.

The present decision of Central Govt. testifies to the fact that BJP has become a representative of the upper castes. As per the constitution, reservation cannot be provided on the basis of economic backwardness.

If a review of the statistic is made, it will be evident that most of the higher posts in Central Govt. have been occupied by the members of upper castes.

The following figures clearly show that most of the posts have been filled by higher castes.

Office Representation of upper castes SCs/STs OBCs
President’s Secretariat 39 4 6
Vice President’s Secretariat 7 0 0
Cabinet Secretariat 17 1 2
PMO 31 2 2
Agriculture Ministry 259 5 5
Defense 1300 48 31
Health 132 17 60
Finance 942 20 46
Labour 59 4 9
Petroleum 59 4 9
LG Delhi 25 0 2
Diplomats 140 0 0
Central Universities (VCs) 108 3 5
SC Judges 23 1 2
HC Judges 306 4 20
IAS 2750 30 350