Upgradate of Il-78 engines, DSRVs approved

New Delhi: The Defence Acquisition Council headed by Defence Minister Maohan Parrikar on Thursday cleared several proposals, including upgradation of engines and avionics of the Indian Air Force’s Il-76 and Il-78 transport aircraft.
According to official sources, engines of six Il-78 aircrafts would be upgraded while 20 Il-76 would get avionics upgradation at a cost of Rs.4,300 crore.
A proposal for multi-purpose vessels for the navy worth Rs.2,800 crore was also apprived, apart from one pertaining to two Deep-Submergence Rescue Vehicles (DSRVs) worth Rs.1,500.
The army got nod for procurement of 149 BMPs (amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicle) costing Rs.924 crore, to be made by the Ordnance Factories Board.
A proposal for two regiments of Pinaka multi-barrel launcher regiment, consisting of 36 units, was also cleared.