Update to fight challenges: Guv tells Police

Governor ESL Narasimhan today exhorted the police personnel to update themselves with latest technologies and take on the present day challenges such as terrorism, extremism and others. Laying foundation stone for a modern police station to be built spending Rs 21 cr, class rooms and sports ground here he performed puja and called upon the police to show their guts and patience in taking on the challenges being faced as part of their regular duties.

Appreciating that the police of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are doing well he further asked them to adopt latest technologies and serve the society seeking better protection and law and under control. The people are aware of the duties of the police and the officials should not spare them for negligence and dereliction of the duties. As the behavior of the constables will have direct effect on the department the officials should be more cautious to set the things right he said.

Through Praja Mithra policing there are some significant changes in the department which is yet to reach out to the people with complete reverence and dedication. Expressing content at the Telangana police for achieving special recognition at national level the Governor said that the former are showing better performance since 29 months.(NSS)