Update your bathroom with chromotherapy, geometric sculptured basins

NEW YORK: Update your bathroom with latest technology like chromotherapy and get rid of the basic shaped basins for the geometric shaped ones, suggest experts.

Emanuela Tavolini, director of sales Europe at GRAFF (brand) and Anil Bhamre, general manager marketing, Ariston Thermo India Pvt Ltd (manufacturer and supplier of electrical equipment), have listed few inputs:

* Nowadays shower systems offer different kind of water jets like waterfall and mist functions as well as RGB LED chromotherapy. Derived from Ayurvedic medicine, chromotherapy is based on the idea that colours release vibrational energies or frequencies on the human body and can correct energy imbalances. Each colour has a different frequency or energy like warmth, motivation, communication, speech, peace and wisdom and could help relieve inflammations, itching, fever and headaches.

* Modern bathroom technology can range from radiators that double as towel rails, to veiled showers and
built in entertainment units. Update the bathroom to feature as many of these new developments and you will still not lose the classic bathroom design.

* When we think about modern bathrooms it’s often the style, the lines and the sophisticated silhouettes and suite that you think of. There is an emerging trend for designer bathrooms as they no longer just a utility space. Geometric sculptured baths and basins or freestanding taps are the most glamorous ways to embrace technology in the bathroom.

* Hidden shower fittings and under-floor lighting will also streamline your bathroom, bringing it directly into the 21st Century.