UP: Principal hangs kid upside down from building in Mirzapur

Mirzapur: In a shocking incident, the principal of a private school dangled a child upside down from the first floor of the school building as a punishment of sorts.

The photograph of the boy dangling down and scores of children looking on, has gone viral on social media.

District Magistrate Praveen Kumar Laxkar, taking cognizance of the matter, has ordered the basic education officer to investigate the matter. He also ordered a complaint to be filed against the principal.

According to reports, the incident took place in the Sadbhavna Shikshan Sansthan Junior High School in Ahraura, on Thursday.

The school principal, Manoj Vishwakarma, apparently, got angry with Sonu Yadav, a Class 2 student, for being ‘naughty while eating’.

In a fit of rage, he grabbed the child by one of his legs and hung him from the first-floor balcony of the school building to teach him a lesson in front of other students.

Vishwakarma pulled up the child only after he screamed and begged for forgiveness. The incident was captured on camera and uploaded on social media.

Sonu’s father Ranjit Yadav said, “My son had only gone to eat gol gappa with the other kids and they were being a little naughty. For this, the principal meted out such a punishment which could have endangered my son’s life.”