UP polls: Do no split Muslim votes, former RS MP Adeeb advises Owaisi

Hyderabad: Uttar Pradesh (UP) occupies a unique place in Indian politics.  It is said that whoever rules UP will hold the rein of the country.  There is no doubt that the next Assembly election of the state will be extremely crucial and destiny changing not only for the ruling party but for the opposition as well.

In this regard, Mohammad Adeeb, a former Member of Rajya Sabha and a well-known politician in Delhi recorded a video that has gone viral.  In the video, Adeeb expressed his anguish over the blatant communal agenda of the BJP. 

Adeeb calls upon all the political parties in UP to come on a single platform with a common minimum program to save the democracy in the country by upholding its secular values. 

The former union leader of Aligarh Muslim University cautioned the political leaders against taking the Muslims’ votes lightly.  He said that Muslims will not cast their votes this time to enable any single party to win the election rather save the country from the communal forces.

YouTube video

Adeeb’s anguish is palpable when he mentions the likely entry of Assaddudin Owaisi’s AIMIM into the UP election fray with a plan to fight election on 100 seats.  In such a scenario, the AIMIM may win 3 or 4 seats, Adeeb said, but it will cause a split of crucial Muslim votes which can defeat the communal forces if they remain unified.

In cricket, it is irresistible for a captain to complete his century for his personal glory at the expense of the team and the country’s interest.  But a responsible captain keeps his wild urge in check and declares the inning to ensure victory for his nation.  

So is in politics, a self-glorifying politician has an irresistible urge to win few seats for his personal gain at the expense of his people and nation.  While a statesman is like a responsible captain who keeps the interest of his nation supreme.  He foresees the future events with clarity and leads his people with sagacity to the path of welfare, progress and advancement.

Adeeb exhorted the people to communicate with the leaders to force them to come on a single platform and fight the next Assembly election in UP.