UP: Wedding in vain as baratis fail to locate bride’s house after all-night search

Varanasi: In what can be seen as a reminiscence of a scene from daily soap opera, a groom’s family—who traveled from Uttar Pradesh’s Azamgarh to Mau for the wedding scheduled on December 10—was flabbergasted as they failed to locate the bride’s residential address.

The whole group of ‘baraatis’, then, spent an all-nighter trying to find the bride’s residence, but in vain. After the embarrassment, all of them returned to their home fuming.

As per reports, the groom’s family came in contact with a woman, the mediator, from the Chhatwara area, who agreed to arrange the boy’s marriage. She gave the proposal of a girl who lives in Mau. Later the groom’s family gave the consent and fixed the date without visiting the girl’s residence. The groom’s mother further added that they fixed the date of marriage and paid Rs 20,000 to the bride’s family for booking a band and lights for the wedding.

After realizing that they were duped, the family nabbed the mediator woman and leveled serious allegations against her. “Late Saturday, the matter was resolved and the groom’s family agreed not to lodge an FIR against the woman,” said senior sub-inspector of Kotwali police station Shamsher Yadav, as quoted by the Times of India.

Besides, the groom has already married a woman four years ago from Samastipur, Bihar. After a few months of marriage, she went to her parent’s home and did not return. After this incident, his family decided to get him remarried.