Untreated polyarthritis can deform joints permanently

New Delhi: Chikungunya, the bone breaking fever, being one of the reasons for polyarthritis , may become a rampant disorder.

It is a condition, which if left untreated, can lead to permanent joint distortions. Polyarthritis, also referred to as polyarthralgia, is a disorder which affects five or more joints and can afflict across all ages and gender. Since it is not curable, it can only be tackled symptomatically.

Arthritis means inflamed joints and Arthralgia means painful joints. Inflammation, coupled with pain, makes it double whammy on tender joints. It can happen to anyone, at any age, and can be a result of mumps or any other kind of degenerative (osteoarthritis) or inflammatory (Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, chikungunya) joint disorders.

People, who are affected with polyarthritis, normally have tender joints with acute pain. There are numerous symptoms that may point towards this diagnosis.

Typical hallmark signs of polyarthritis include pain with or without inflammation, warmness and redness of joints, weight loss and fever.

Certain viral infections, endocrine disorders, and few malignancies can also cause this condition. Treatment mainly includes analgesics, anti-inflammatory medicines and supplements, which help in keeping the joints supple.

Dr Aashish Chaudhry, orthopedic surgeon and managing director, Aakash Healthcare expresses, “Clinicians can only strive to control disease, since this condition cannot be cured completely. Few lifestyle alterations including weight management, eating green vegetables, fruits and regular exercise can go a long way in favorably altering the course of disease.”

He added, “Many a time, people experience morning stiffness and spontaneous joint swelling. Regular physical activity reduces stiffness in joints and helps in toning up the muscles and stance. Stretching exercises also help in gaining flexibility.”

Careful elucidation of medical history is a key to accurate diagnosis of Polyarthritis. The condition is multifaceted and complex, and must be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible, lest it results into permanent disfigurement and deformities of the joints. (ANI)