UNSC endorses policy against sex abuse by peacekeepers

New York : The UN Security Council has endorsed a new policy by which soldiers facing allegations of sexual abuse can be repatriated.

Keeping in view of the rise in sex abuse claims against peacekeepers, Egypt abstained from the US-drafted resolution, which was adopted by a vote of 14 in favour, the Guardian reported.

The resolution endorses a new UN policy of sending entire peacekeeping units back home if their soldiers face repeated allegations of sex abuse.

Under the UN rules, it is up to the country that contributes the peacekeepers to investigate and prosecute any soldier accused of misconduct while serving under the UN flag.

The move by the United Nations was made in view of the allegations that its peacekeepers in the Central African Republic had raped girls and exploited women.

A UN report released last week showed that there has been increase in number of allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation by peacekeepers in 10 missions.

The number, which was 52 in 2014, has risen to 69 by 2015.

The peacekeeping nations, however, opposed the proposal arguing that it amounted to collective punishment for the actions of a few individuals.(ANI)