UNSC condemns North Korea for firing ballistic missiles

London: Strongly condemning North Korea for test-firing ballistic missiles, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has ordered Pyongyang to refrain from actions which violate the UN resolutions.

The council backed by Pyongyang’s ally China in a unanimous statement said that all these launches were unacceptable and constituted a clear violation of UNSC resolutions.

The statement in this regard was issued after the United States yesterday called a meeting following North Korea’s move to test-fire two medium-range ballistic missiles.

The Security Council had earlier two weeks ago imposed strictest sanctions to North Korea after it carried out its fourth nuclear test in January and fired a rocket in February.

Samantha Power, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, said North Korea’s latest launches underscore the importance of sanctions imposed which mainly target’s Pyongyang’s mining, trade and financial sectors.

“If anybody on the council needed a reminder of why that resolution is so important … the North Korean regime just provided another one,” the Guardian quoted Power as saying.

North Korea’s launches came a day after US President Barack Obama signed an order implementing tougher sanctions unilaterally by Washington outlined in the recent UN sanctions.

Obama earlier imposed new sanctions on Pyongyang after its recent ‘illicit’ nuclear test and satellite launch.

Meanwhile, UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon cited that the firing of two missiles were deeply troubling and urged Pyongyang to halt such actions, said his spokesman.

Ban also called on North Korea to comply with the UN resolutions.

Kim Jong-Un, the supreme leader of North Korea, had earlier this week ordered multiple ballistic missile launches and a nuclear warhead test drawing concerns about the regime’s relentless move. (ANI)