Unruly crowd loot mangoes worth Rs 30,000, video goes viral

NEW DELHI: In a sickening act of inhumanity, a handful of passer-byes in the national capital ruthlessly pounced upon unattended crates of mangoes belonging to a street vendor.

By-standers took advantage of the situation and looted a man who reportedly goes by the name of Chotte, of fruits worth thousands of rupees after he left his cart unguarded.

The ghastly incident took place in Jagatpuri area in northern part of Delhi in a broad-daylight and was caught on video.

In the footage, the unruly crowd could be seen stopping their vehicles to sprint and get hold of the mangoes. People carried at least 4-5 mangoes with them, each. A man, clad in blue, was also seen calling out others to grab them, while another took away a few in their helmet.

YouTube video

At a time when the COVID-19 lockdown has thrown street vendors and others out of business, such a preposterous act has splattered ink on humanity.

The social distancing norms went for a toss in the area as people stood closed to each other without donning the masks or gloves.

The ruckus and halting of vehicles at the junction also caused a traffic jam in the area. The video of the incident was widely shared on social media. Police, which should be on high alert amid the incumbent coronavirus crisis, could be seen in sight.