Unrequited love: Youth morphs niece’s pictures to defame her

Hyderabad: Unrequited love often leads people to take extreme disastrous decisions.

Similarly, a 23-year-old student was arrested in the city for morphing his niece’s pictures in order to defame the girl which would pave him a way to get married to her, TOI reports.

Unfortunately, the victim’s father suffered a heart attack after her engagement was called off because of the accused.

The incident is reported from Ananthapur, where the accused, a resident of Hindupur was initially blackmailing the victim and forcing her to marry him.

The accused kept frequently calling, texting the victim. Things went away when the victim’s engagement was fixed.

The accused then decided to defame the victim and forwarded her morphed pictures to the victim’s father and fiancé.

It was after losing her father that victim could no longer take the harassment and approached the police.