Unprecedented! 6 runs needed off 1 ball, batting team wins without scoring a run

A team needs six runs off the last ball and won the match with one ball to spare. During a cricket club game in Andhra Pradesh, the chasing team with 70/4 on the scoreboard in 4.5 overs won the match.

The batting team were chasing 76 runs in five overs. They needed 6 runs off the last ball after reaching 70/4 in 4.5 overs and the bowler gave away the match in an unprecedented way.

During Adarsh Cricket Club (Padlegaon) 2019 club match between Desai and Juni Dombivli, the Desia needed six runs to win on the final ball. The left-arm bowler who was bowling the final over gave away six wides in a row, giving Desai the win with one ball still remaining.

Truly, cricket is a game of unlimited possibilities. The video of the match was shared on social media. Watch the video,