Unknown amount of cryptocurrency stolen from Bithumb

Seoul: An unknown amount of cryptocurrency, was stolen from the world’s fourth largest cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb. Bitcoin and Etherium are the main currencies on the platform.

South Korean users were badly affected, who make a large portion of the market. The reports say that the incident happened on June 29. A hacker could be able to access the details of 31,800 people through a Bithumb employee’s computer, Fossbytes reports.

However, Bithumb has announced reimbursement of 100,000 won ($897) worth of cryptocurrency to all the users affected till July 5. Surprisingly, some users have even reported about losing as high as 10 million won ($8700) worth of cryptocurrency.

The hacker did not have any user’s passwords, so how he managed to rob all the amount is becoming a mystery. The incident grabbed eyes when a user complained about the stealing on Social Media on Thursday last week.

“As soon as the amount of damages is confirmed, we will reimburse the entire amount of damages,” said Bithumb in an official statement. Bithumb told South Korean media it contacted law enforcement last week and informed them of the theft.

Two months ago, an unknown attacker hacked another South Korean Bitcoin exchange Yapizon and stole 3816.2028 Bitcoin (over $5.5 million).