University of Hyderabad revised its affidavit regarding protest

Hyderabad: The University of Hyderabad has revised its affidavit on Monday permitting varsities students to peacefully protest within the campus at designated spots.

The administration has revised its affidavit after the students’ union protested against the mandated affidavit that banned varsities students from protesting.

The administration has previously clearly instructed the students from indulging in any kind of protest or demonstrations against the rules and regulations of the university.

The students protested against the authorities and refused to sign the affidavit following which the varsity revised its affidavit with fresh norms.

“I understand my privileges and rights and, when necessary, participate in peaceful protests/demonstrations only in designated spaces without obstructing the normal functioning of the university and its various entities,” reads the newly revised affidavit.

The old affidavit has a total 14 points whereas the revised one has a total 9 points.

The point which stated ‘misusing or misrepresenting the university on social media platforms’ was removed along with the restriction that did not permit the students to invite the media without authorities permission.

The varsity in its official statement released said, “While it is true that the University has incorporated submission of an affidavit as part of the admission process, it certainly does not intend to curb the right to freedom of expression nor is aimed at curbing protests on campus” adding that it is to avoid frequent disruption of academic and administrative works of the varsity.

The students were also annoyed at the point where the varsity stated “reserves the right to take disciplinary action against me (the student) that is deemed fit extending up to cancellation of my admission.”

It was later revised to failure on part of the students’ to uphold any of the provisions mentioned in the affidavit “will attract disciplinary proceedings in the appropriate body of the university.”

“We are happy that after raising objections, the university was forced to roll-back its affidavit. We are glad that this forceful implementation of rules was fought by all progression student organisations,” said Kuldeep Singh Nagi, president of students union of the varsity, reported the sources.