Unity of Minorities and BCs inevitable to defeat communal elements – Teesta Setalvad

Hyderabad: At national level, Muslim leadership is also responsible along with communal elements for the backwardness of Muslims. They incite the Muslims and exploit them. It is the responsibility of Muslim leadership to alert the community from the dangers they are likely to face in the future and also apprise them of the strategy to resolve these issues in a democratic way but it is not being done so due to which Muslims are facing problems. It is essential for the Muslims to know their constitutional rights.

These thoughts were expressed by national level activist who struggled against Gujarat communal riots to get justice, Ms. Teesta Setalvad in a seminar organized by Awaaz organization at Urdu Maskan, Khilwat, Hyderabad. Mr. M.A. Ghyas, President of the organization, Mr. Abdul Quddoos Ghouri, Mr. Nayeemullah Shareef and others addressed the seminar. Mr. M.A. Sattar conducted the seminar.

Continuing her address, Ms. Teesta Setalvad told that the democratic system of this country is so powerful that a person who is facing allegations of murders and who’s thought are against the constitution of India can get an opportunity to become CM and PM. She further told that the Muslims should be aware of the importance and utility of Human Rights. She made a reference of partition of India and said that Pakistan was formed on the basis of religion but India was declared a secular country for which Dr. Ambedkar extended his support. All the party leaders who struggled during Freedom Movement agreed to make this country secular but there was a section of Indians which desired to make it a Hindu country. This section did not participate in Freedom Movement. It also did not accept constitution. RSS and Hindu Mahasabha in connivance with the British put hurdles in the Freedom Struggle. They were successful in spreading the venom of communalism throughout the country. The main reason for it is the educational and social backwardness of the people.

Referring to Gujarat Communal Riots, she said that 2000 villages were ruined and many Muslims were killed. When awareness program was started for getting justice, there are still 570 witnesses who are supporting the struggle. She also made a reference of a Dalit student of HCU, Rohit Vemula and said that due to the inefficiency of the Central Administration, an intelligent student died. She declared that the murder of Pehlu Khan in the name of protection of cow a conspiracy.

Mr. Modi is the first PM who visits foreign countries with corporate sector taking Ambani and Adani with him. With these visits, Ambani and Adani benefit to the extent of Rs. 450 crore. The BJP has completely changed the philosophy of governance. She stressed the need for Minorities and backward classes to unite in order to defeat communal elements. She said that in Bihar when Minorities and Dalits were united, secular forces got a major victory but when these elements divided in UP, they met with defeat. When the results of UP elections were analyzed, it was noticed that there are 80-90% seats wherein either SP or BSP attained second position. Had they been united, BJP would have achieved third position. It is the responsibility of secular minded parties and organizations to work for uniting Dalits and Muslims. She further told that Muslim youths are being killed in fake encounters declaring them either as terrorists or Maoists.

–Siasat News