United States: No state jobs or hurricane aid for those who boycott Israel

Texas: Twenty-one US states have passed the laws, which say no hurricane relief aid would be provided to those who support the boycott of Israel. The law bans state funds to be allocated to people or businesses for the above-said reason.

After surviving Hurricane Harvey in Dixon and Texas, people, including those of old age, who are filing for the funds have to sign an agreement that states: The applicant 1) Does not boycott Israel, 2) Will not boycott Israel during the term of this agreement.

The law, known as the Anti-BDS (Boycott, Divestments, and Sanctions) bill, got signed by Republican Governor Greg Abbott in May.

The condition of filling in agreement of 4-pages was first put in the city of Dickinson and then extended to 21 states in the United States.

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A church in Kansas recently asked its member not to buy products from companies that profit from Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine.

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