United Nations expresses concern over detention of Ahed Tamimi

UN Secretary-General, António Guterres has expressed concern over the detention of Palestinian girl by the Israeli army. According to sources Stephane Dujarric spokesman for UN Secretary-General António Guterres said that Secretary General has expressed concern over the detention of Palestinian girl Ahed Tamimi. The spokesman said we pay special attention towards the detention of children in any country. Detention of children by Israeli army in Palestine is a matter of concern. He said we are worried and apprehensive over the arrest of Ahed Tamimi. Everyone has a right to freedom.

Dujarric reiterated the stand of United Nations on Jerusalem issue and said the issue of Jerusalem is the top priority for United Nations. The issue should be resolved through talks.

It must be recalled that Israeli army had detained Ahed Tamimi on December 19, 2017. Israeli army had claimed that Ahed Tamimi had slapped Israeli soldier. Her mother, father and another girl have also been arrested on the charges.

However Ahed’s father Bassem revealed that the Tamimi family woke up with a shock at about 3am to the noise of Israeli forces banging on their front door and screaming. He said the soldiers pushed him aside and trooped into the house. They forced the family into one of the rooms as they went about rifling through the household contents, throwing clothes and possessions on the floor and leaving behind a mess. The soldiers then informed the family that Ahed was being arrested, without giving any reasons.