Unique way of serving the poor needy

VIZIANAGARAM: A team of service-oriented people starts walking on the streets with hot boxes filled with food.

According to The Hans India report, a team led by Khaleel Babu walk on the street to find orphans, helpless, old age people to feed them.

This practice has been going on for the past few years. The team members feel happy to find the helpless, poor orphan old-age people and they feed them the hot tasty food.

They also carry piles of blankets which they distribute to the needy, who shivers due to cold.

Every night Khaleel Babu starts at 7:30 pm and ends at 11:30 pm and serves to minimum 120 needy people.

Khaleel Babu also runs an old age home and is providing food to the needy in a unique way.

“Serving bread and butter at home is very common, but we should search and serve the people who deserve real help. So, we walk on the streets till midnight with the hot food parcels,” Khaleel Babu said.

Even we take care of the people who are mentally unwell. We take them to the Ashram cut their hair and provide them new clothes, he added.

Khader, one of his team member said, “It’s a great pleasure for us to serve the needy poor and orphans.”

We feel happy to serve the people, Khader added.