Unique Indian chai culture gets popular in Australia

Melbourne: From well-known spa centres to cafeterias across Australia, the unique Indian chai culture is gradually picking up through an innovative business venture launched here by a young India-born lawyer-cum-entrepreneur.

Uppma Virdi who runs her business under the name ‘Chai Walli’, name used for a female chai vendor in India, said her authentic tea products from India were gaining popularity in Australia with her client lists of over 80 outlets so Far which is increasing every day.

Virdi was recently invited to host a workshop at the inaugural Tea festival of Melbourne last week where she explained the participants how tea in India has its own process of being made and that there was an art involved in its making.

“My aim is to make Australians aware how Indian Chai culture is different to rest of the world and there are different ways we brew chai back home with so many flavours like cardamom, cloves and ayurvedic ingredients,” Virdi said adding that Indians drink more chai than water.

Virdi, born in Chandigarh said her tea selling skills come from her grandfather who was a natural medicine doctor with a background in Ayurveda. “I learned from him how to balance spices, how to have spices seasonally like I sell chai for summer which has different spices as compared to chai for winters,” she said.

Her business invloves wholesale of Indian tea mixed with different spices across Australia to range of outlets including cafes, supermarkets, ice cream parlours, beauty companies and doughnut outlets.She also has an online service where one can also order Indian chai kettles, small chai glasses and strainers.