Unique identification number similar to Aadhaar Card for animals too

AP: A unique number resembling Aadhaar cards is being provided to cows in East Godavari District, AP. This scheme is being implemented through Gopal Mitra Society Workers under Shishu Shanjeevni Program.

Hitherto Aadhaar card was used only for human beings. Now, a similar system is being introduced for animals also.

This unique number is being inscribed on the ears of the cows. This system is being implemented in collaboration of Dept. of Animal Husbandry and Information Network for Animal Productivity and Health. Through this system, an attempt is being made to provide healthcare and inoculation details.

Till January 2019, 35% of the target has been achieved. In February and March, the remaining 35% and 30% targets would be completed.

It may be mentioned that there are 550000 mulching animals in the district.

An official of the Veterinary Department informed that through this number, the details of inoculations would be known and the subsidy given to the animals will also be highlighted.