Unique gift from Samajwadi Party on Diwali

Varanasi (UP): When women activists from the Samajwadi Party went around distributing gifts on Diwali, many were pleasantly surprised on opening the boxes.

The gift boxes, instead of ‘gifts’ contained a message for the ruling party.

The traditional sweet box contained lentils, rice, ginger, onion and tomatoes along with a piece of jaggery.

The women who received this unique gift with a strong political message were actually happy.

“The prices of onions and tomatoes are abnormally high and even a few pieces of these are welcome,” said Lalita Sharma, a homemaker in Sigra locality, who received the ‘gift’ box.

Samajwadi Party leader Priyanshu Yadav said, “Tomatoes are being sold at Rs 80 per kg and mustard oil has crossed Rs 200. In such a situation, common people are unhappy on this festival. While we are helping them through this packet, we are also showing the mirror to the government. If this rising price trend continues, the day is not far when people will start gifting these items in weddings too.”