Union minister spews venom against Muslim, says Islam should be wiped out

NEW DELHI: An old video of Union minister Ananthkumar Hegde spewing venom against Muslim’s religion Islam has emerged.

Actor Prakash Raj tweeted a video of a hate speech of the Karnataka BJP leader. In the 39-second-long undated video, Hegde is seen speaking in Kannada at a press conference:

“As long as there is Islam in the world, there will be terrorism. Until we uproot Islam, we can’t remove terrorism.”

Mr Hegde, who is a BJP leader from Karnataka, also said, “If there is opportunity in the media – write exactly this. Telecast exactly this. Islam is a bomb for world peace. There will be no peace in the world as long as Islam is there.”

Sharing the video on Twitter, the National Award-winning actor said, “This minister says ..”Islam should be wiped out in this world” ..so when he talks of HINDUTVA does he mean it’s a way of life…#justasking.”

You said, “nationalism and hindutva are not two different things but are one and mean the same. Why do you bring in a religion into nationalism? Then what about those who are not Hindus, people, who are our country’s pride like Ambedkar, Adbul kalam, A Rahman, Khuswanth Singh, Amrita Pritam, Dr Verghese Kurien… the list goes on.

“And what about many like me who do not have a religion, but believe in humanity? Aaren’t we all the national of our country? Who are you guys… What’s your agenda… Since you believe in ‘janmas’… Are you guys reincarnation of Germans HITLER (sic),” Raj tweeted.

The actor, who has been critical of the BJP over a range of issues recently also asked his followers to analyse the minister’s agenda in a “secular country of ours” and question his “intentions and shameless politics”.

The 52-year-old actor had earlier criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his silence on those “celebrating” the killing of journalist Gauri Lankesh in Bangalore in September and had also lashed out at those who “terrorise” in the name of religion, culture and morality.

With PTI inputs