Union government advises States to cut methane emission by using Harit Dhara

Hyderabad: Methane emissions by Indian livestock are significantly less as compared to global emissions.

Methane emissions by Indian livestock, meaning cows, buffaloes, and oxen, is only a ninth of the cumulative global emissions and the Centre has advised states to use Harit Dhara supplement to cut emissions, according to an answer tabled in the Lok Sabha.

“According to information received from Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), the global methane emission from enteric fermentation is about 90 million tonnes (Tg). The methane emission from Indian livestock is only about 9-10 Tg,” the answer reads.

Why are methane emissions a cause of concern?

After livestock consume grass, enteric fermentation takes place during digestion, and methane, which is one of the greenhouse gases, is released. The greenhouse effect is considered one of the reasons for global warming.

What is the role of manure?

Several studies state that manure too produces methane. According to the answer in Lok Sabha, the ‘global manure methane emission is about 10 Tg whereas Indian contribution is less than 1.0 Tg’.

The answer also states that apart from encouraging the use of Haritdhara, which is an anti-methanogenic, feed block of Tamarin Plus, which has been developed by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, has also been suggested.

PETA, an organisation that encourages people to go vegan on its website, has claimed that the meat industry is one of the prime contributors to pollution, shortage of food, and is also resource-intensive. They have also claimed that livestock production has caused methane. The organisation has stated that it faced stiff opposition for their campaign against animal slaughter on Eid Al Adha, as has their opposition to jallikattu.

While the release of methane from livestock has been proved, a section of the Hindu right-wing has managed to use climate change as a bogey against the Muslims, especially ahead of, and during Eid Al Adha.