Union Cabinet clears ordinance on instant Tripe-Talaq

New Delhi: The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved an ordinance to criminalize triple talaq, making it a punishable offence after the bill was not taken up for discussion in Rajya Sabha during Monsoon Session in August.

Though the Triple talaq bill was passed in December 2017 in lower house the NDA government failed to pass it in Upper house after opposition parties demanded further scrutiny of the bill, HT reports.

With no other way out, the Cabinet has now cleared the bill making it a legislation even though the opposition party Congress had been demanding that the bill for Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) be subject to further scrutiny.

In August, the Union cabinet had cleared some amendments to the draft bill allowing the magistrate to grant bail after hearing the wife; and made the offence of instant triple talaq “compoundable”.

Earlier the apex court on August 22 struck down the practice of triple talaq, calling it unconstitutional.