Uniform Civil Code will destroy Adivasis culture: National Adivasi Parishad

New Delhi: The National Adivasi Parishad have come out in open to oppose the government initiative on Uniform Civil Code.

Condemning the move, Prem Kumar Gedam National Coordinator, Rashtriya Adivasi Ekta Parishad, said tribal communities have their own distinct cultural identity and customs and they are governed by their customary as UCC is a real threat to their identity, reports IndiaTomorrow.

“The matter of Uniform Civil Code is not just related to a particular community or caste or Muslims alone. There are 6,743 castes living in India. If Uniform Civil Code is implemented, the national integrity will probably be in danger. If it is implemented, it will possibly affect the Adivasis the most. This will affect Adivasis at large scale because the customary laws of Adivasi will be finished after the implementation of Uniform Civil Code,” said Prem Kumar Gedam, while addressing a press conference at the Press Club of India.

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Gedam asserted that tribals are not Hindus and practiced by Adivasis are completely different and any direction to impose the UCC would adversely affect their distinct customs, rituals of birth, marriage and death practiced and heritage.

“Adivasis are not Hindu — this was said in a judgement of Madhya Pradesh High Court in 2011. The Sharda Act of 1928 is also not applicable on Adivasis. The Marriage Act of 1955 is not applicable on Adivasis. And the Hindu Code Bill of 1956 is also not applicable on Adivasis. And the Supreme Court is also of the view that Adivasis are not Hindu,” said Prem Kumar.

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