Uniform Civil Code: Are we succeeding in putting our point forward?

letter to editor:
Muslim men are hard at work to harvest a successful signature campaign concerning MPL/UCC-Boycott. The question is are they succeeding? The success rate is known to be not more than 5%. Frankly only those women who love Allah and his Rasool Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, and respect and honour Allah’s advices and commands will sign the signature campaign, otherwise generally they think we are acting like notary, and Shaytaan makes them defensive. First of all they have no patience to listen to what we explain about it. Secondly they argue, and we haven’t the patience and ability and cool composure of the Ulama-Mashaa-ikh to tackle their defenses.

So even the best of Muslim women do not sign easily. Only the most gentle and obedient and Allah fearing ladies will sign without question.

Involuntarily, and by stubbornness or by procrastination they avoid realising the urgency. If some women want questions answered there is no e-depot or special forum/FAQs managed by male as well as female Ulama (like in UK and US) to manage replies. Hardly any group of women have joined hands with their men.

This is the pathetic situation today, that even good women, willy nilly, without realizing it, gravitate towards the anti “M.P.L” grouping.

Moreover, to make the effort difficult, those gathering the signatures are constrained to legitimise the signatures with PAN Card and Aadhar Card details, which few people possess.

So eighty percent of signatures in the list disqualify due to lack of supportive documents. Since anyone can sign a hundred different signatures, the higher courts insist on these synthetic details.

The effort to make it an authentic document has become enormous and time consuming.

Their signatures do matter since they are the other half of an enduring Muslim married life. May Allah Ta’ala make our intelligent women more pious/Muttaqi.