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Uniform Civil Code, Govt. of India’s effort condemned: Osman Shaheed

Uniform Civil Code, Govt. of India’s effort condemned: Osman Shaheed

Hyderabad: President of All India Muslim Front, Mr. Mohammed Shaheed, Advocate in a press statements issued yesterday strongly condemned the efforts of Govt. of India to refer the matter of “Triple Talaq” of Muslim women to Law Commission. He express his anguish and said that this act of Govt. of India is dictatorial and unkind. He wondered that how would be the Uniform Civil Code? This question has not been answered either by Supreme Court or Law Commission so far. He apprehended that Uniform Civil Code will be a changed version of Hindu Code bill. In the guise of Uniform Civil Code, Muslims and other Minorities would be legally forced to lead their lives according to Hindu laws which would be a dictatorial act. Muslims would never accept such a law which is contrary to Quranic laws. If the Muslims follow the laws made by human beings and reject the laws by Allah (SWT), he would not be a Muslim.

The BJP Govt. on the strength of its majority, wants the Muslims to go astray from Islam. By following Uniform Civil Code, the Muslims would abandon Quranic teachings. This act of Central Govt. is nothing but a conspiracy to muster majority votes. After wining Assam Assembly polls, BJP is eyeing on UP elections. It is a conspiracy to get more votes in UP so that the Govt. gets majority in Rajya Sabha. It will help the Central Govt. to amend the Constitution of India according to its choice.

Our carelessness and disinterestedness from the election process might help BJP to get success in UP elections for which the future generation will not forgive us.

–Siasat News