Uniform Civil Code is a conspiracy against Muslims

Hyderabad: Mr. Qasim Rasool Ilyas, member of Muslim Personal Law Board while reacting on the affidavit submitted by the Central Govt. told that implementation of Uniform Civil Code is a conspiracy against the Muslims of this country. He further told that All India Muslim Personal Law Board was not surprised at this act of the Govt. because it is according to the expectations. He also told that Govt. of India has prepared a secret plan to implement Uniform Civil Code without caring for Constitution of India and the present laws. He informed that so called individuals and organization which are very less in number are pointing fingers at Muslim Personal Law so that an opportunity could be provided to the Govt. for interfering in Muslim Personal Law.

He mentioned that not a single clause of the Affidavit filed by Muslim Personal Law has been responded. This document contains 68 pages. It contended that Muslim Personal Law is based on Quran and Hadith. It is not prepared by any country or Govt. It is therefore no Govt. or court can interfere in it. He reiterated that constitution of India has guaranteed profession of all the religions but under the pretext of injustice to women, Muslim Personal Law is being targeted. He further mentioned that Islam has done full justice to women. The cases of divorce and polygamy are found more in other religions. In the case of divorce, other religions are far ahead of Islam. He requested the Muslims to approach Dar-ul-Qaza for settling their disputes arising out of divorce, inheritance and other issues. He pointed out that in all the four schools of Islamic though, triple Talaq is similar. Islamic jurists have clearly mentioned that if the husband has an intention to pronounce divorce one time and even if he repeats the word (Talaq) it will be counted as one incidence. If a person is ignorant of Muslim Personal Laws and if he pronounces the word (Talaq), it would be treated once. There is a difference of opinion among the Muslims about triple talaq but all agree that divorce could be given in three stages. Islam discourages the institution of Talaq.

He also mentioned that on several occasions Supreme Court has avoided any kind of interference in Muslim Personal Law. The discretion to amend any law rests with the lawmakers and not with the court. He hoped that the stand taken by Muslim Personal Law Board would be successful.

–Siasat News