Uniform Civil Code, a conspiracy against Constitution – Ilaiah

Hyderabad: Muslims should launch a massive campaign for the remarriage of widows since in Hindu society, widow’s marriage is not allowed. She is left out to lead the life of a widow after the death of her husband. These thoughts were expressed by Prof. Kancha Ilaiah while addressing a gathering organized by Jamiatul Ulema to protest against the imposition of Uniform Civil Code. He pointed out that the followers of Hinduism have differences due to their various sects but despite not having sects, Muslims are not united. Whenever such issues are created, Muslims get united. He ironically expressed his desire that he wants the rule of BJP to continue for another 10 years so that Muslims remain united and take Dalits with them. He pointed out that Uniform Civil is not against any religion but it is a conspiracy which is being hatched against the constitution of India. He advised the Muslims to call this country “India” or “Bharat” and not “Hindustan”. He informed that the supporters of RSS ideology tried their level best to name this country “Hindustan” but the architect of Indian constitution, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar did not yield to their pressure. He wrote “India- the Bharat”. By calling this country, “Hindustan”, we are supporting such elements. He also pointed out that the Muslims show their strength only on the occasions of festivals and after that they disappear from the scene.

He categorically told the Muslims that it is not the time to eat biryani and sleep. He told them to bring ladies representatives to express their views on sensitive issues like “Triple Talaq” and “Polygamy”. If only male Muslim Scholars project this case, it will construed as injustice to ladies. He made a reference to the report compiled by Justice Chella Kondiah committee. After failing in their efforts these elements are not trying to change constitution of India. He also pointed out that such issues are raised only when BJP comes to power.

–Siasat News