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Unhappy with FB followers, Imam denied entry in US plane

Unhappy with FB followers, Imam denied entry in US plane

Amid the Islamophobic incidents in US, a high-profile British imam claims he was stopped from boarding a plane at Heathrow because US officials didn’t like one of his Facebook followers.

Ajmal Masoor, 44, a Former Lib Dem parliamentary candidate who works at the Islamic Society of Britain, was invited to speak at two events in New York. ‘I was just about to get on the plane when an American official told me my visa had been revoked”, said Imam.

When I cited the reason, they said, “Maybe you did something wrong”. They were insinuating there was somebody in my Facebook group they don’t like, and would like to speak’, the Imam added.

Reacting to this the Imam explains that he has round 4500 followers on his Facebook page, out of which he doesn’t know 99.9 % of them. He ridiculed the authorities for their behavior and says he is still awaiting a reply from them on why they didn’t let him board the flight. Social media is an open forum and anyone could follow anyone he argued.

After the incident, Masroor has set up a website called ‘Flying While Muslim’, for other Muslims who have gone through similar experiences while travelling to America, to make world aware of Islamophobic incidents in US