Unfortunate incident, disciplinary action in process: Delhi Golf Club

New Delhi : After an elderly woman from Meghalaya, Tailin Lyngdoh, was allegedly asked to leave the Delhi Golf Club for wearing a traditional Khasi dress and being told that she looked like a maid, club authorities on Tuesday issued a formal apology letter describing the incident as unfortunate and indicating that disciplinary action was being taken against the concerned staff.
The apology letter read; “The management has immediately investigated the incident and it has emerged that this matter could have been handled in a much better way by the staff members. It was also confirmed that the guests were not asked to leave the club premises. The following actions have been taken;

– An apology has been made to the members who invited the guest. This has been unconditionally accepted.

– Explanation of the staff was sought and disciplinary action is in process.

The Delhi Golf Club further stated, “It is unfortunate and regrettable that an undesirable attempt is being made to give this incident a political and cultural over turn”.

The incident took place on Sunday, when Lyngdoh was allegedly asked to leave the Delhi Golf Club as she was wearing a traditional Khasi dress.

Lyngdoh told ANI, “They told me to leave the dining hall as maids were not allowed. They were very rude. I felt ashamed and angry. I was wearing the traditional Khasi dress-Jainsem, and they told me this dress was not allowed. They also told me that I look like a Nepali. I have been too many other countries, but this has never happened to me. Surprised to know that this has happened here in Delhi! “.

Lyngdoh is a Governess to Health Advisor in Assam Government, Dr. Nivedita Barthakur, who was also invited for lunch at the Delhi Golf Club by a member.

Barthakur further stated that even after she explained to them that Lyngdoh is from Meghalaya and is wearing her traditional dress called- Jainsem, they still objected to it.

“This incident happened on June 25 Sunday; nine members were invited for lunch, including my governess by a long standing member of the Delhi Golf Club. Lyngdoh was also invited in her own right. When we reached there and sat at the table for about 10 to 15 minutes, this gentleman, who is a manager I believe, and a lady walked over to Lyngdoh and told her to leave the table. When Lyngdoh objected and asked why- the manager said because you look like a ‘maid’. When we all interjected and asked them the reason, they repeatedly said because she looks like one and her attire too speaks of it. I explained to them that she is from Meghalaya and is wearing her traditional attire called- Jainsem, they still objected on it. We all were shocked, sad and had to leave the place,” Barthakur told ANI.

Barthakur further said that Lyngdoh has travelled to London and UAE earlier wearing the Jainsem, but never faced any trouble there. People in London and Abu Dhabi appreciated the jainsem. But in India, she was told to leave Delhi Golf Club as they didn’t know our culture or tradition.

Barthakur posted the incident on Facebook. (ANI)