Unfair to point finger at AIMPLB; Board members reject Imam Bukhari’s allegation

Lucknow: It is wrong to point finger at All India Muslim Personal Law Board. Board has been strongly opposing triple talaq bill. Said the officials of All India Muslim Personal Law Board while responding to the remark made by Shahi Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari.

After the passage of triple talaq bill in Lok Sabha, Shah Imam had said Muslim Personal Law has failed in fulfilling its responsibilities. Rejecting Shahi Imam’s claim Board member Dr Qasim Rasool Ilyas said that the Board with all its might mounted pressure on the government against the bill keeping itself within the framework of the constitution.

The Board wrote a letter to the government especially to the prime minister, a delegation of the Board met opposition leaders motivating them to oppose the bill and it also engaged strongest advocates in Supreme Court to pursue the case. That is why the bill will not pass in Rajya Sabha. Though the number of BJP members in parliament are more, despite that just 245 votes in favour of bill proves that not only opposition, even BJP members of the parliament are not in favour of the bill.