Uneducated Women Give Birth To More Kids: Kiran Bedi

Ahmedabad: Former IPS officer Kiran Bedi on Thursday said “uneducated women give birth to more kids” as they stay at home and are “not able to take their own decisions”.

“Research shows that uneducated women are giving birth to more kids. Not that they are doing any crime, but they have more time than educated women, who go out to work. Uneducated women stay back at home and are not able to take their own decision,” she said at an event in Ahmedabad.

Addressing college students, Ms Bedi said, “Weaker students come to engineering colleges due to reservation and are not ready for the course.”

“Shall we leave weaker students who have secured admission due to reservation and are not ready for the course like that only? They should be taught by deserving students, so that they do not stay undeserving,” she added.

The former IPS officer attributed the problems arising in universities like JNU, HCU to “breakdown of communication between teachers and the administration”.

“Why are there problem in universities? The problem at JNU and HCU can be seen from the management perspective as it is a breakdown of communication between teachers and administrator,” she said.

“If there is no regular contact between teachers, Vice Chancellors, administration, then it causes problems. If there is a regular contact in a house, the problem does not go public and gets solved inside,” Ms Bedi said.

Exhorting students to to pay education loans on time, she said, “We have turned ungrateful. We ask parents that it is your job to give us shelter, food, and say that if (Vijay) Mallya (former liquor baron) did not pay his loan, then why should I? We should be grateful to the bank and repay loan on time,” she said.