Understanding and learning of Quran

We all are spending 20 to 22 years of age just to get bachelor’s degree and when it comes to understanding &learning of Quran we either want to finish in days or in year. Sometimes we are disappointed that Arabic is not our language without even trying and we feel disheartened..not our fault…because our old fashioned scholars and teachers have created such image of learning Quran that any average person feels disappointed either with his timings/household, job or disability to focus on learning a new language….

We have been taught only how to recite Quran and there is so much stress on Tajweed(how to pronounce each Arabic word) and Hafiz(memorization)of Quran and zero focus on what is Quran and who is the author of Quran and what it is about.

I am part time student of Quran from last 14 years and in my journey I started to understand Quran when I start thinking who am I and who created me and who fashioned me in human form and what is the purpose of this temporary youth,beauty &life.

My humble message to every reader is take time from life to understand Quran once you will understand memorization and tajweed amd how to recite Quran will be easy for you…but most important is to understand in language and then if you really want to build relation through communication with the author (God Almighty).

Then you will run to learn Arabic and it will become your foremost priority of life because you have found purpose of life..Life in which your soul is imprisoned for some time…Life you have no control on..Life where each cell is working 24/7 obeying his creator and without your knowledge.

“Then which of the blessings of your Lord will you deny?”,

Surah Rahman, in which after every verse this verse is repeated…do we wonder why?