Unconscious woman on funeral pyre, rescued by a neighbour

BIHAR: A 30-year-old woman was saved by a neighbour, who was put on a funeral pyre in an unconscious state at Sandesh, Bhojpur.

According to the report of The Indian Express, the incident took place on Monday. A villager heard groans of a woman, who was identified as Lakshmi and called Sandesh police.

When her in-laws realised that the police had been informed, they left the place leaving her on a heap of dry woods.

The police took the woman to a government hospital, after gaining consciousness she accused her husband and in-laws of torturing her and attempting to kill her by burning when she had been alive.

She told the police that she got married to Ravindra Thakur 10 years back and he often beat her at the slightest provocation since her marriage.

Sandesh Police station in-charge Awadhesh Kumar said, “We have booked them and are conducting raids to search for them.”