Unauthorised constructions stalled on Masjid Nana Bagh land

In a major breakthrough in protecting Waqf properties, Waqf Board has succeeded to stall illegal construction continued on land adjacent to Masjid Nana Bagh, at Basheer Bagh. The builder in connivance with the police had continued the construction work on the Waqf land ignoring Waqf Board notice and instructions.

Chief Executive Officer Mohammed Asadullah had personally inspected the illegal construction and directed the builder to stop construction but the builder continued the construction saying that the case is in Supreme Court. Seeing that the builder enjoys police backing, Chief Executive Officer Mohammed Asadullah contacted Deputy Commissioner of Police Kamlasen Reddy. The Deputy Commissioner asked the Chief Executive Officer and the builder to come with their supporting documents. Chief Executive Officer clarified that the case of the builder pending with Supreme Court is regarding the rent and it has nothing to do with Waqf Board hence it will not effect Waqf Board’s claim of ownership of land.

After going through the documents produced by both the parties, Inspector police Saifabad directed the builder to stop the construction.

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