Unable to pay medical fees, National karate champion struggles with cancer

Ludhiana (Punjab): A four-time karate national gold medal winner, who is diagnosed with cancer, is running out of fund for her medical treatment.

Hailing from Ludhiana, Priyanka, a karate and taekwondo champion and a black belt, is fighting a losing battle against the fatal disease leukemia (blood cancer) as she have insufficient funds left to continue her treatment.

The winner of four national gold medals in karate and seven state golds has sought financial aid for her treatment.

Priyanka said, “I am fighting this battle against cancer but soon I’ll be fine; I don’t fear anything.We are poor and don’t have adequate funds for treatment, please help whoever can.”

The three-time state gold medallist in taekwondo, Priyanaka is the second youngest amongst seven sisters.

Priyanka’s mother works at a factory to earn the living and her father, who is an alcoholic has not contributed a penny for her treatment. The burden of all the seven sisters is on her mother who is running out of funds now.(ANI)