UN urges Israel to end ill-treatment of Palestinians

Geneva: The UN’s head on Tuesday urged the Israel Government on human rights of occupied Palestine, to adhere to International Law and International standards of detention.

The UN Human Rights Council appointed rapporteur act independently of governments and are mandated to examine, monitor, advise, and publicly report on human rights violation.

Michael Lynk, was recently appointed as the UN special rapporteur. In a written statement on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territory under occupation, he said end to solitary confinement, better accessible health care, unrestrained family visits and administrative detention for Palestinian hunger strikes.

It has been more than a month now that the hunger strike by 1000 Palestinians in Israel jails has begun.
“Prisoners everywhere have a right to engage in hunger strikes to protest their living conditions, and they should not be punished as a result,” said Lynk’s statement.

“I deeply regret not having the opportunity to visit the Occupied Palestinian Territory, and to speak face-to-face with victims and witnesses of Israel’s alleged violations of international humanitarian and human rights law”.

Lynk also said on the many Palestinian prisoners incarcerated in Israel, not in the occupied Palestinian territory, in violation of international humanitarian law, “These transfers create significant barriers to the families of prisoners who wish to visit them, due to the difficulty of obtaining permits to enter Israel, and the often-arduous journey families must undertake to reach their relatives.”

Around 7,000 Palestinian, including 57 women and 300 children are currently jailed in Israeli prisons according to a report including the Palestinian Prisoners Society, as reported in Muslim News.