Ummah unity stressed to counter anti-Islam conspiracies

Islamabad, July 01: Visiting Iranian cleric has called for unity among Muslim Ummah to counter conspiracies against Islam.

Addressing the conference on Inter Faith Harmony organized by “Idara Taqreeb-e Mazahib, Pakistan, as a chief guest Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri, said that main challenge the Muslims are facing today is that they are divided.

The conference was organized at the evening of Eide Mabas.

‘Unity is the only weapon which can prove useful in countering the conspiracies against Islam,’ Ayatollah Taskhiri added.

He said that enemies of Islam would fail to accomplish their evil designs.

Ayatollah Taskhiri also appreciated the steps by Pakistan aimed at promoting the interfaith harmony and to meet the challenges faced by the Muslim Ummah in this regard.

He said that Islamic Republic of Iran is making all-out efforts to unite Muslims of the world. He said that both Pakistan and Iran can cooperate together on the issue of inter faith harmony.

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on the occasion said Pakistan has no ambiguity in its policies regarding war against terror and peace in the region.

She said that government was committed to solving all the problems relating to interfaith harmony and also committed to eradicate the religious extremism in the country.

Ashiq Awan extended her support in this regard and said that this conference should be result oriented to promote interfaith harmony.

She also praised efforts by Iran in promoting interfaith harmony in the Muslim world.

Leader of the House in Senate Nayyer Hussain Bukhari said that intersect harmony is necessary. He said that ‘we should practice Islam’ and to love it.

‘We are far away practically from the spirit of Islam, which resultantly divided us into groups and sects,’ Bukhari added.

He said that we have to put aside all our differences and should be united, it is only then that we can have respect and can register our sacrifices.

The conference was also attended by Secretary to Iranian Ambassador, Muhammad Hussain Ravish, Iran’s Cultural Councilor to Pakistan Agha Ali Noori, Director General Iran Culture House at Rawalpindi Mahmood Amir Gul, Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi, chairman Tehreek e Islami, Ayatullah Hafiz Riaz Hussain, Principal Jamiatul Muntazir, Mohsin Ali Najfi, Principal Jamiatul Kausar and a large number of religious scholars from various schools of thoughts.