Umar, Miesha’s per day earnings from Bigg Boss 15

Mumbai: Bigg Boss 15, which kick-started on a high note, completes one month today. With each passing week, the race inside the house is getting more tough, thanks to shocking twists and turns by the makers. Like every year, this year’s house is also full of romance and fights going on together. One or the other contestant keeps becoming the target of others.

So far, four contestants — Akasa Singh, Vidhi Pandya, Donal Bisht and Sahil Shroff have been eliminated from the show. Rajiv Adatia was the first wild card contestant to enter Bigg Boss 15. It is being said that BB OTT contestant Raqesh Bapat and Neha Bhasin are the upcoming wild card participants who are set to enter Salman Khan’s show.

Among the present contestants, two names which are creating a lot of hype on social media are Umar Riaz and Miesha Iyer.

Umar Riaz, Miesha Iyer Bigg Boss 15 fee

Umar Riaz is being highly hailed for his game play and straight forwardness. He reportedly earns 3 lakh per week which is approximately over 40 thousand per day.

On the other hand, Miesha has been grabbing headlines since day one for her romantic angle with Ieshaan Sehgal. According to reports, makers are paying her Rs 2 lakh per week, or almost 30 thousand per day.

Meanwhile, in today’s episode, audience will witness Simba Nagpal getting physical with Umar Riaz. The promo clip which is now surfacing online shows how Simba with all force pushes Umar in the swimming pool. Since yesterday, ‘EVICT SIMBA NOW’ has been trending on Twitter.