Uma Bharti says as MP CM she made rapists beg for forgiveness

Agra, (Uttar Pradesh) [India]: Union Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Uma Bharti claimed on Friday that during her stint as chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, she had got rapists tortured in police stations and made them beg for forgiveness.

Addressing a rally in Agra, Bharti spoke about the increasing number of rapes and sexual assaults on women in Uttar Pradesh and said, she got them tortured when she was chief minister of Madhya Pradesh in front of survivors.

She added that when she ordered the police to torture rapists, they cautioned her that such actions were a violation of human rights.

“But, I replied back by saying human rights are for human beings and rapists are demons. Their heads should be dismembered like the Ramayana’s mythological figure Ravana,” Bharti said.

Earlier, Bharti had asked those questioning last year surgical strikes to go and live in Pakistan. (ANI)