Ulama announce to boycott all channels of Zee media

New Delhi: All the religious scholars who participate in debates on television and other people hold a meeting at India Islamic Culture Centre. It was decided in the meeting that the entire Zee media group will be boycotted and issues which are pending with the court will not be discussed.

The scholars refuted the allegation that Ulama participate in debates on the news channel for monetary benefits. They said not all channels give money; some give money while others don’t. They said if we don’t participate in debates then how can we present our stand and we would be sidelined.

Maulana Abdul Hameed Nomani, Maulana Ansar Raza, Dr Tasleem Rahmani, Maulana Sajid Rasheedi, Maulana Athar Dehlvi, Dr Faheem Baig, Asad Khan Falahi, Maulana Maqsoodul Hasan Qasmi, Ameer Zaidi attended the meeting. It was decided in the meeting that all the channels of Zee news will be boycotted as the way in which the debate is carried out on the channel pollutes the atmosphere and has a negative impact.