UK: Theresa May suspends MP over her racist remark

Newton Abbot: A UK MP has been suspended by Prime Minister Theresa May after she used the racist slur “n***** in the woodpile”. Anne Marie Morris had used the N-word while casually speaking at a panel event discussing Brexit.

“I was shocked to hear of these remarks, which are completely unacceptable,” UK Prime Minister said.
“I immediately asked the Chief Whip to suspend the party whip. Language like this has absolutely no place in politics or in today’s society,” she added, reports Independent.

One Conservative backbencher, Heidi Allen, tweeted: “I’m afraid an apology is not good enough – we must show zero tolerance for racism. MPs must lead by example.”

The Newton Abbott MP was on a panel with Tory colleagues Bill Cash and John Redwood discussing economic fears in Brexit. “Now I’m sure there will be many people who’ll challenge that, but my response and my request to look at the detail, it isn’t all doom and gloom,” she said, in the recording made by the Huffington Post website.

“Now we get to the real n***** in the woodpile, which is, in two years, what happens if there is no deal?” Morris had said.

Within an hour of her comments, Morris had apologised saying, “The comment was totally unintentional. I apologise unreservedly for any offence caused,” she said in an email. About three hours later, May released a statement saying Morris was being disciplined and the whip suspended.

Fellow Conservative MP Helen Grant tweeted: “Inconceivable for an MP using that expression to be incognizant of its history, impact and complete unacceptability. So ashamed!”