UK Secretary of Business Visited T Hub

United Kingdom Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills Mr. Sajid Javid visited the T-Hub today. Minister for IT and Panchayat Raj KT Rama Rao accompanied the MP. Mr. Sajid Javid toured the T-Hub premises and appreciated the Telangana Government for encouraging startups. He also informed IT Minister that UK had facilitated 30 Israeli companies in getting listed under London Stock Exchange. The UK Government will extend similar assistance to the startups being groomed at T-Hub. IT Minister explained about the path-breaking industrial policy TSiPASS to the visiting dignitary. Mr. Javid termed the policy as unprecedented and unheard of and said that UK’s Life Sciences Secretary will tour Telangana for exploring investment opportunities. He also extended invitation to Sri KT Rama Rao to visit UK. (Photo: Zabi)