UK PM Theresa May drops Queen’s speech to ease way for Brexit laws

London: In a move to ease the way in parliament for new Brexit laws, the UK government has dropped the Queen’s speech next year to ease the way in parliament for new Brexit laws.

In a highly unusual move, the parliamentary session is being doubled to two years, reports The Guardian.

The leader of the Commons, Andrea Leadsom, said this would give MPs the maximum time possible to scrutinise legislation taking the UK out of the European Union, which means the government will not put forward a new legislative programme next year.

The Conservatives had delayed this year’s Queen’s speech as the party held discussions with the DUP to thrash out an agreement on propping up the minority government.

Meanwhile, the government has assured that the great repeal bill, which converts EU laws into British legislation, will be considered alongside other Brexit legislation, also that the government would deliver Brexit while also addressing deep-rooted inequalities in society.