UK PM says IS poses increasing threat to Europe

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed his concern about the increasing threat posed by Islamic State in mainland Europe. Cameron urged the European Union (EU) in Brussels to take a joint action to tackle the Islamic extremists. In order to contain radicalisation and extremism within Europe, Cameron will make a Commons statement on Monday, proposing new powers to prevent people from travelling to Iraq and Syria to fight with Islamic State, the BBC reports. In the wake of growing conflicts in Iraq and Syria, UK recently raised its terror threat level from “substantial” to “severe”. Cameron said in a press conference on Friday, the Islamic State (IS) extremists represented a greater and deeper threat to UK”s security than it was known before. He said that learning lessons from the past did not mean that the British army did not have a place when it came to combating the threat. However, he refrained from committing to any military action. The British PM added that threat was growing because of Britons travelling to fight with ISIS. He said that at least 500 people had flown from the UK to Syria and Iraq to join the jihadist group. He assured new legislation would make it easier to seize passports from those travelling to the two countries to fight along side the ISIS. The UK government has reportedly increased security and protection measures following the raised threat level. (ANI)