UK Parliament may vote for a Brexit delay on March 14

London[UK]: UK Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday (local time) announced that the British Parliament may vote on March 14 to extend the Brexit deadline.

The scenario may be possible if the Parliament rejects the newly negotiated deal with the European Union on March 12.

Following this, a vote on March 13 will take place to decide whether the British Parliament agrees to exit from the EU without a deal on March 29.

According to May, the vote on March 14 on the extension of the Brexit deadline would take place if the House rejects leaving the EU without a deal on March 13.

“If the House, having rejected leaving with the deal negotiated with the EU, then rejects leaving on March 29 without a withdrawal agreement and future framework, the Government will on March 14 bring forward a motion on whether Parliament wants to seek a short, limited extension to Article 50,” a statement issued by the UK Parliament, which quotes May, mentions.

“And if the House votes for an extension, seek to agree that extension approved by the House with the EU and bring forward the necessary legislation to change the exit date commensurate with that extension,” May further told the House on February 26 (local time).

The British Prime Minister’s previously clinched deal with the EU has already been rejected once by the Parliament already. Scores of MPs voiced their discontent, outlining the Irish backstop as a major roadblock to the parliamentary acceptance of the deal.

The Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, has time and again labelled it as a “botched deal”, having previously announced of his Labour Party’s intent of holding a public vote to avoid a “damaging Tory Brexit.”