UK: Muslim taxi driver thrashed by drunk woman

She grabbed my phone and started to bite it. She then bit my arm, pushed me and forced me out of the taxi and into the street” said Iqbal.

London: A 50 year old, Muslim taxi driver in the UK was thrashed and punched by a drunk woman and her accomplice. Meanwhile a passerby filmed the incident and uploaded it on social media, media reports said.


“There was a man and a woman who I picked up and I was taking them to an address in Normanton but I wish I had not. It was a horrific journey. On the way, the woman put her feet on the dashboard, I politely asked her why and if she could put them down,” said Shahid Iqbal, 50, who works as a freelance driver in Normanton in England.


“She did not like that and then told me they did not have any money for the fare. The man told her to pay me but she said she did not have money. I carried on driving but then she suddenly lunged across me and tried to take the steering wheel. She said she wanted to drive and she was pushing me,” the taxi driver said.


“I said just pay me and go. She then started to hit me. She grabbed my phone and started to bite it. I then called 999 and told them what was happening. She then went for me again and bit my arm. She then pushed me and forced me out of the taxi and into the street,” Iqbal said.


“I tried to stop her but then the man with her started to get angry. She then hit me twice quite hard. He followed that with two really hard punches which were brutal. I fell to the floor and I was in agony,” Iqbal said, adding that when he again dialed 999, the man and woman ran away.


What made the situation more worse was that the bystander recorded the entire incident whilst laughing and did not even try to help, said Iqbal.


“What I went through was horrific and totally unjustified. I work very hard and I do not deserve these things to happen. It was terrible. Thankfully I was OK but it could have been much worse,” he added.


A spokesman for Derbyshire police said a 23-year-old woman had been arrested in connection with the incident.