UK: ‘Love a Muslim Day’ list in response to Islamophobic letter

UK: ‘Love a Muslim Day’ list in response to Islamophobic letter

London: Over the last week, anonymous letters were posted to various addresses in at least five cities across the UK, calling for a day of action to punish Muslims. The letters called on the people to verbally and physically attack Muslims, with a points system based on the severity of the crime. Twenty-five points for pulling “a head-scarf off a Muslim ‘woman’”, 500 points for murdering a Muslim, and 2,500 points for “nuking Mecca”.

Anti-terrorism unit officers are investigating about the hateful letter received by a number of people in various cities in which attacks on Muslims has been called.

In response to that Men Community has called to celebrate April 3, as ‘Love a Muslim, quoting Martin Luther King “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

‘Love a Muslim Day’ list has been created, listing acts of kindness and is being widely shared on social media. Points will be given on good acts with Muslims. Shahab Adris who works for Muslim Engagement & Development, a national charity promoting political and social engagement and countering Islamophobia, says “Some of the responses I’ve seen from the Muslim community have been really positive, but the most remarkable thing has been getting responses from people who are not Muslim, saying they will do something with a Muslim colleague.” He hopes that his idea will “bring people together”.

‘Love a Muslim Day’ list includes acts like ‘smile at a Muslim’, ‘buy a Muslim coffee with cake’ and ‘do a fundraiser for the needy’.